What is travel health or travel medicine?

What is travel health or
travel medicine?

Travel health – or travel medicine – consists of medications, travel vaccinations, and health advice that help to keep you healthy when you travel. Your immune system is used to viruses and bacteria in your home country, but you are vulnerable to developing illness due to pathogens common in other locales. Some destinations have illnesses that may make people seriously ill, have permanent health consequences, or even cause death. The last thing you want while on your globe-trotting adventure is to come down with an illness.

By booking an appointment at VoyageVax Immunization and Travel Medicine Clinic, we will ensure that you receive all the vaccinations, medications and travel tips you may need to stay safe and healthy, so you can worry less and focus more on exploring the world!

Why visit a travel
vaccination clinic?

Your travel health consultation will be conducted by a knowledgeable, International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM)-certified travel health pharmacist. Your consultation will include any immunizations and prescriptions you might need for your trip. In addition to travel immunizations, we can also provide you with any booster shots and missed or recommended immunizations. No need to make multiple stops or see your doctor. Our one-stop-shop travel health clinic provides you with expert knowledge while also saving you time and money – leaving you more to spend at your destination.


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* we administer vaccines to individuals ages 4+